Joel Meyerowitz

New York City Street Photographer

"Why do some photographers go to the street and other photographers go to the studio? Some people want to pretend it's a movie and other photographers walk into the world and say, 'show me'.  Those select few, through time, who are willing to go out into chaos with some high hopes of interacting with moments where life will become clarified for them. They can welcome ambiguity and surreal aspects of this kind of chaos. Even though it's chaos they will have a moment of clarification."  - Joel Meyerowitz

New York City Street Photographer
One of the very best!

"Every street has a different identity..."

The legendary street photographer Joel Meyerowitz talks about New York City street life and street photography.  Few street photographers are more articulate and nuanced in explaining the craft.

Photographer Joel Meyerowitz talks about his early days, shooting on the streets of New York City.

"Life on the street never ceased to amaze me..."