Joe Wigfall - Mentor & Friend

New York City Street Photographer

A shout out to my friend and mentor Joe Wigfall. Joe is a well known New York City street photographer and the recent winner of the WNYC Street Photography contest. He has an international audience with numerous interviews and gallery shows. My photography has been hugely influenced by Joe and I always look forward to going to New York to hang out, shoot, get inspired and learn from him.

"Integrity, honesty, compassion, courage, heart, truth.  Hang any of these monikers on Joe’s street work and you’d have it just about right.  Joe is a passionate street photographer who merges his artistic sensibilities with the “keeping it real” call of the streets.  It’s a hard thing.  Few do it justice.  He does.

Joe doesn’t just take great street shots, he elevates street photography to fine art.  His is the sort of work you can come back to time and again as you grow in your own work and see yet another layer heretofore hidden.  You come to appreciate how he has lovingly crafted each frame with a full throated clarity of vision.  His vision of our shared human condition, anchoring what is in them with what is in us.  The good and the bad, the joyful and the painful, the sacred and the profane, the “I” and the “Thou”, all the while doing so with an open compassionate heart and genuine reverence and respect for those whom his lens captures.

I’m fortunate to call Joe friend and mentor. He has a kind heart, infectious laugh and a truly generous spirit.  And as with so many of us, he shares his time, expertise, humor and guidance while always respecting the artistic process."  - garth mckay

You really should treat yourself with a view of Joe's YouTube video on Street Photography produced by WNYC Street Shots: